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Something Caught In Throat?

July 11, 2014, 6:05 PM
Q: Doctor Pup: Let me review your history and I will be back Melissa: It's only when she gets excited or has been running. Doctor Pup: what is her general attitude? Is she able to eat and drink without difficulty? Melissa: Yes Melissa: She is happy. I thought it was gone but when a visitor came and she got excited it started again. Melissa: She had a bully bone recently so I thought it could be this. Doctor Pup: if she breaths okay and is able to swallow without difficulty then it is not likely that there is something stuck in her throat. The hacking, gagging cough you describe is indicative of irritation or inflammation in the back of the throat or pharynx. Many times it can come from an object that scratches the throat but not sticks in it. Just now I got your reply about the bone and that is exactly what we are talking about. If it seemed to improve some then as long as she is happy and eating you could give it a few more days. Let me know if she worsens through the weekend and I can advise you. Melissa: Thanks soo much! Doctor Pup: any other questions? Melissa: Nothing- thanks for the help :) Doctor Pup: Anytime