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Small Breed Puppies

Learn about the small breed puppy breeds we have here at Southern Dog Club. We strive to deliver South Carolina’s premier puppy adoption experience. We appreciate and celebrate the difference our puppies can make in the quality of one’s life.

Puppy Breed Categories

Designer Breeds Puppies For Sale Simply Southern Pups

All Designer Breeds

Embark on a heartwarming journey with our exquisite designer puppies for sale, each accompanied by a 10-year health guarantee to ensure a lifetime of shared smiles and companionship. With our nationwide delivery, these lovingly nurtured puppies are ready to find a place in your heart and home, no matter where you are. At the heart of our program is a deep-seated passion for raising happy, healthy puppies that are as eager to love you as we are to care for them.

Doodle Breeds Puppies For Sale Simply Southern Pups

All Doodle Breeds

Fall in love with the vibrant personalities and heartfelt companionship of our toy and mini doodle puppies. Each one is a treasure, small in stature but overflowing with affection and playful spirit. We nurture these qualities from the start, confident in their health and future happiness, as demonstrated by our 10-year health guarantee. To make these precious moments of union possible across distances, we proudly offer nationwide delivery, ensuring that every family can experience the incomparable joy of welcoming a doodle puppy into their lives.

Purebred Breeds Puppies For Sale Simply Southern Pups

All Purebred Breeds

Find your exceptional purebred puppy from our selection, where quality and pedigree meet loving care. Each puppy is backed by our solid 10-year health guarantee, ensuring your confidence in their well-being and breed purity. Our nationwide delivery makes it convenient for you to receive your new companion, regardless of your location. Choose us for a straightforward, reliable process and a healthy, joyful purebred addition to your family.

Most Popular Designer Puppy Breeds

Morkie Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Simply Southern Pups is the place to find cute Morkie puppies to adopt. Designer Morkie puppies are a mixed breed of a purebred Maltese crossed with a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. Morkies are adorable dogs. They take after their parents in both looks and personality and are one of the most loving dog breeds around. Hypoallergenic Morkie puppies make fantastic pets for owners who are sensitive to dog hair and dander. They are also an excellent breed for families with kids and single owners.

Teddy Bear Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Teddy Bear

Designer Teddy Bear puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. True to their breed’s name, the Teddy Bear puppies are renowned for their plush, toy-like appearance. These cute dogs are a Maltese and Shih Tzu cross – Mal-Shi or a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise – Shichon. Both the Mal-Shi and the Shichon puppies have the ideal personality to match their plush-like appearance. They are gentle, laid-back, sweet, and very cuddly. These puppies make amazing therapy dogs and fantastic companion pets for any family.

Aussiechon Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Happy-go-lucky puppies with affectionate personalities and a strong desire to live the adventurous lifestyle, Aussiechons are the darlin’ dogs everyone needs. These cute puppies find joy in cuddle moments, family adventures, and anything and everything that includes their humans. They are fond of games and tricks, and they love the center of attention with a passion. Aussiechon puppies are a beautiful mixed breed of a Mini Australian Shepherd and a Bichon Frise. Their appearance and personalities are a delightful blend of every remarkable feature Mini Aussies and Bichons possess.

Yorkie Chon Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Yorkie Chon

Find designer Yorkie Chon puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. A stylish designer breed, the Yorkie Chon is a mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise. Like its purebred parents, the Yorkie Chon is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Although they haven’t been around for very long, the Yorkie Chon puppies have won the favor of dog lovers worldwide with their astonishing looks, hypoallergenic qualities, and adoring personality. These puppies are friendly, passionate about games and tricks, and very loving of their pet parents.

Havachon Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Find the perfect Havachon puppy at Simply Southern Pups! They are a fun-loving, sweet-natured companion who will do just about anything for a treat. They love to play and cuddle and are known to get along great with children. They are great at entertaining their favorite people and like to join in on any activities or games that the family enjoys. They are eager to learn tricks and love to participate in any activities you do. These cute puppies crave activities like visiting the dog park and playing with their furry friends, hiking in nature, and taking part in games of fetch or flyball.

Pomsky Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Browse Pomsky puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. Pointy elfish ears, black or blue eyes, and forever-young puppy looks, are the ingredients that make up one of the most gorgeous designer breeds in the world. Pomsky puppies are a fashionable designer breed, a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, that has charmed the world entirely. If you’re looking for a puppy that has it all, it’s time to adopt a Pomsky puppy. Pomskies are spunky, adventure-loving dogs that thrive next to a fun owner.

Maltipom Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Take home a smart and affectionate Maltipom puppy at Simply Southern Pups. This designer crossbreed between a Maltese and a Pomeranian is the result of years of careful breeding. Though small in size, they still retain the intelligence and people-pleasing nature of their parents. A combination of playful energy and cuddly looks makes this pooch one of the most popular toy dogs in America today. They are surprisingly tough despite their small size and make good companions for people with allergies or children who catch every sneeze going around.

Shih Pom Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Shih Pom

If you’re looking for a charming and lovable furry companion, adopt a Shih Pom puppy from Simply Southern Pups. They are the perfect addition to your home. They love their family and are easy to train. These pups are a mix between the Pomeranian purebred and the purebred Shih Tzu dog. When you first meet them, Shih Poms will greet you with wagging tails and lots of cuddles. They love all the attention they can get from their family, making them the perfect companion for children.

Cavachon Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Undeniably cute with a bubbly personality and a great deal of love to give, Cavachon puppies give new meaning to the art of friendship. These bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pups crave an owner that can provide them with a fun-filled life of adventures, plenty of cuddles, and the promise of a forever friend. Outgoing, lively, and joyful-all-the-time, Cavachons enjoy greeting new people with tail wags and hugs and are quite fond of being the center of attention. These cute Cavachon puppies are a mix between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a Bichon Frise.

Saussie Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Searching for the cutest Saussie puppies for sale? At Simply Southern Pups, our Saussies, a blend of Mini Aussie and Shih Tzu, are meticulously bred by reputable breeders for their sweet dispositions and hypoallergenic coats. Each puppy is raised with affection and comes with a 10-year health guarantee. Enjoy our nationwide delivery services and find your ideal Saussie (Auss-tzu) companion today.

Pomachon Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Take home a heartwarming Pomachon puppy at Simply Southern Pups. They are friendly pups that love everyone. They will happily greet everyone who comes into your home with smiles and wagging tails. These pups are also great with other pets in the house. The Pomachon is highly intelligent and eager to learn, making this puppy an ideal companion dog in any household. They are friendly with other dogs, cats, and children so they make an excellent family pet. The cute Pomachon puppies are a designer crossbreed, a mix between a Pomeranian and a Bichon Frise.

Shorkie Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Adopt an adorable Shorkie puppy at Simply Southern Pups. These puppies will provide you with a lifetime supply of cuddles, friendship, and love. Shorkies are lovey-dovey dogs with plenty of spunk. They are a cross between Shih Tzus and Yorkies, which means they come with glamorous looks, a petite size, and an always joyful demeanor. They are friendly and quite sociable, and they adore playing with children.  

Havashu Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


The little Havashu puppies are a designer breed that has captured the hearts of many in the past few years. These gorgeous pups are a mix of a purebred Havanese crossed with a purebred Shih Tzu. Like their parents, the Havashus are all about doting on their owner. They thrive in a family setting and do quite well with children. They are also one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds that people with allergies can safely adopt. Find Havashu puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups.

Most Popular Doodle Puppy Breeds

Cavapoo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


With dashing looks, sharp intelligence, and a winning personality, the Cavapoo checks all the boxes. Cavapoo puppies are little sweethearts that love to play, cuddle, and make friends with everyone they meet. They are kind, caring, and very loving. As a half and half mix of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a Mini or Toy Poodle, these precious Cavapoo puppies inherit a wonderful set of qualities. They are clever, graceful, easy to train, passionate about pleasing their humans, and dedicated to making everyone around them happy.

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Aussiedoodle

A Mini Aussiedoodle is a cross between a Mini Australian Shepherd and a Miniature Poodle. Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are not only incredibly gorgeous, but also very intelligent. Since the Mini Aussie and the Poodle are considered two of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, their Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are bound to display the same qualities. These puppies are friendly, playful, very loving of their owners, easily trainable, and low maintenance. They make excellent companions for families with children, as well as for single owners and couples.

Maltipoo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Our cute Maltipoo puppies for sale are a mix of a Maltese and a Mini Poodle, both purebred dogs. Maltese Poodle mix puppies are smart, easy to train, effortless to groom, and a treat to have around. They are playful, very affectionate, and adorably cuddly. Although they haven’t been around for long, Maltipoo puppies are among the world’s favorite doodle dogs. Hypoallergenic Maltipoos are an excellent choice for allergy suffering owners, while their eagerness to please and intelligence make them a perfect fit for new dog owners.

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Goldendoodle

Adopt a Mini Goldendoodle puppy at Simply Southern Pups today. Our stunning Mini Goldendoodle puppies are a doodle mixed breed of a Golden Retriever crossed with a Mini Poodle. Like all crossbreed puppies, Mini Goldendoodles display the best qualities of two distinct breeds. They are as intelligent and easygoing as Poodles and as friendly as Golden Retrievers. With a Mini Goldendoodle puppy around, joy is guaranteed. These puppies exude happiness with every paw step and are quick to form lifelong bonds with their owners.

Shih Poo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Shih Poo

Available Shih Poo puppies to adopt at Simply Southern Pups. Shih Poo puppies are a designer doodle breed, a cross between a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Mini or Toy Poodle. Elegant and fashionable like its parents, the Shih Poo was made for the spotlight. Intelligent, outgoing, and sweet beyond measure, Shih Poo puppies make fantastic pets for both new and experienced owners. They respond very well to training and are naturally well behaved. They also get along nicely with other dogs, children, and even cats.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Bernedoodle

Meet the fluffiest and cutest doodle puppies at Simply Southern Pups. At Simply Southern Pups, our Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale come fully equipped with fluffy looks, delightful personalities, and a disposition that exudes joy. Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a mix of a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog crossed with a purebred Mini Poodle. Like their parents, these puppies check all the boxes. They are adorably cute, cuddly, and great with kids. Highly intelligent and easy to train, the Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a great match for new puppy owners, families, and senior citizens.

Havapoo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Sweet, charming, and with a dashing appearance, the Havapoo puppies are a never-ending source of joy. These charismatic little puppies are a cross between a purebred Havanese dog and a purebred Toy or Mini Poodle dog. Also known as doodle puppies, Havadoodle puppies, and Poovanese puppies, the Havapoos merit their ever-rising popularity to their striking looks, high spirits, and adoring behavior. These precious doodle pups are very bright, easy to care for, and effortless to train. They love being part of a human family and you can never find them bored.

Poochon Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Simply Southern Pups is where you find Poochon puppies for adoption near you. Our lovely Poochon puppies are a doodle breed of a Toy or Mini Poodle crossed with a Bichon Frise. Poochons are great dogs in every way. They possess high intelligence, trendy looks, the ideal size for apartment living, and an unmatched eagerness to please their owners. As a mixed breed, the cute Poochon puppies inherit the amazing qualities that made their parents famous through centuries. They are hypoallergenic, petite, skilled at tricks, and perfectly sweet.

Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Sheepadoodle

Find Mini Sheepadoodle puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. Our fluffy and cute Mini Sheepadoodle puppies are a designer mixed doodle breed of an Old English Sheepdog and a Miniature Poodle, both purebred parents. Like their parents, Mini Sheepadoodle puppies come with long, luxurious, fluffy coats, and fashionable puppy looks. These puppies are friendly, sociable, and completely charming. Training them is unchallenging and loving them is the easiest thing to do.

Mini Irish Doodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Irish Doodle

Venture into the delightful realm of Mini Irish Doodles, where the grace of the Irish Setter waltzes with the charm of the Miniature Poodle. Our Mini Irish Doodle puppies for sale are tiny treasures, each one an adorable bundle of joy, ready to fill your heart and home with love. Pause your search for Mini Irish Doodle puppies and step into a world of endearing playfulness, cuddly companionship, and the irresistible cuteness of these lovable fur-babies. Begin a memorable journey of shared giggles, snuggly naps, and a lifetime of unconditional love with your Mini Irish Doodle today.

Mini Pomskydoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Pomskydoodle

Embark on a joyous journey into the captivating world of Mini Pomskydoodles, where the fluffiness of the Pomsky blends with the clever charm of the Miniature Poodle. Our selection of Mini Pomskydoodle puppies for sale are pint-sized bundles of joy, each eager to fill your life with playful antics, heartwarming cuddles, and the gentle patter of tiny paws. Put a full stop to your "Mini Pomskydoodle puppies for sale near me" search because you've arrived at the right destination. Begin an adventure like no other, filled with puppy kisses, delightful frolics, moonlit walks, and the unconditional love of your new best friend. Welcome a Mini Pomskydoodle into your life and let the extraordinary chapters of your shared story unfold.

Mini Portidoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Portidoodle

Get a Mini Portidoodle puppy at Simply Southern Pups and you'll get laughter, cuddles, and many great memories. They are fun-loving, family dogs. Not only are they happy and friendly, but they love their families strongly and are affectionate with everyone. They form strong attachments to other pets, such as cats and other dogs. These puppies make wonderful companion pets for children, being very playful and attentive to the people around them. They are also a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog breed that is perfect for those with allergies. Our Mini Portidoodle puppies are a cross between a Portie and a Mini Poodle.

Mini Doxiedoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Doxiedoodle

Looking for mini Doxiedoodle puppies for sale? Simply Southern Pups has the most adorable mini doxiedoodles – a mix between Dachshunds and Poodles! Each doxie doodle puppy is lovingly raised in a family environment and comes with a 10-year health guarantee. Take advantage of our nationwide delivery service and find your perfect mini Doxiedoodle today.

Mini Huskydoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Huskydoodle

Embark on an enchanting voyage into the world of Mini Huskydoodles, where the allure of the Siberian Husky swirls with the charm of the Miniature Poodle. Our carefully selected Mini Huskydoodle puppies for sale are bundles of joy, each one ready to dance into your life with their fluffy tails wagging. Put your "Mini Huskydoodle puppies for sale near me" search on pause, as you've arrived at your final destination. Dive into an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, warm cuddles, endless games of fetch, and the comforting rhythm of soft paws padding around your home. Your extraordinary journey of lifelong friendship with a Mini Huskydoodle starts here.

Yorkie Poo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Yorkie Poo

The adorable Yorkie Poo puppies are a mix of two popular purebred breeds– a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Mini or Toy Poodle. Like their parents, these amazing puppies come with plenty of spunk, intelligence, and a passion for cuddles and fun. They’re hypoallergenic, toy-sized, and incredibly cute. Their energy levels are moderate, but they’ll love a chance to join you on adventures and fun outings. Yorkie Poos are also renowned for their friendliness and affection. Doting on their humans and playing with kids are two of their favorite things to do. Adopt your new family member from our Yorkie Poo puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups.

Cockapoo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


The cute Cockapoo puppies are excited to bring a mountain of joy into your home. These sweet fur babies are happy to make it their life’s mission to spoil you with pure affection, and you’ll know it the moment you’ll hold them for the very first time. Cockapoo puppies are adventurous, playful, and truly fond of their humans. They train easily, are receptive to their owners, and they love attention with a passion. The hypoallergenic Cockapoos are a wonderful fit for owners who suffer from pet-related allergies. Cockapoo puppies are a doodle crossbreed of a purebred Cocker Spaniel and a purebred Miniature or Toy Poodle.

Mini Labradoodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Labradoodle

Explore available Mini Labradoodle puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. A mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Miniature Poodle, the Mini Labradoodle enchants with its small labradoodle size and upbeat personality. Mini Labradoodle puppies thrive in a balanced lifestyle where adventures, cuddles, and friends are plenty. These puppies have the best qualities of their parents in a smaller, cuter, and more compact package. They are great at tracking, assisting, and guiding, and they fit wonderfully in a small city apartment.

Pomapoo Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


If you're looking for a fluffy little friend, Pomapoo puppies are a perfect choice - adopt one at Simply Southern Pups. They are a cross between a Toy Poodle and a Pomeranian. These little dogs are happy, friendly, and always eager to play. The Pomapoo is an alert little pup that makes friends easily with both people and other animals. Its friendly personality makes it ideal for families with children. These pups are non-aggressive and love to play just as much as kids do. They rarely need supervision as they are neither jumpy nor reactive.  

Most Popular Purebred Puppy Breeds

Pomeranian Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Find your perfect Pomeranian puppy to adopt at Simply Southern Pups. The Pomeranian dog breed is one of the most charming breeds you can have by your side. These little puppies love to play and be with people and are always looking for a way to make themselves a part of the action. The Pomeranian teacup puppies are small dogs with big personalities and there is no better pet for an individual or a family. They love to be involved in whatever their people are doing, whether it's snuggling on the couch or going on a long walk.

French Bulldog Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are among the most loved puppies in the world, and for good reason. They are happy, playful, and highly entertaining. If their looks don’t warm your heart, their personalities certainly will. French Bulldog puppies don’t have a care in the world, and they inspire their owners to match their free spirit. These stunning puppies like to entertain their human families with the cutest tricks and funniest stunts, and they are quite passionate about laps, cuddles, and belly rubs. If you need joy in your life, the French Bulldog puppies are here to love you forever and bring a mountain of giggles into your home.

Poodle Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Mini, Toy, and Teacup Poodle puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. If you’re looking to adopt a Mini, Toy or Teacup Poodle puppy for yourself, your kids, or your family, know that your decision will be rewarded with unconditional friendship, love, and unbreakable bonds between dog and owner. Poodle puppies are one of the most versatile breeds around. They are brilliantly smart, naturally skilled at a variety of canine jobs, and very well-mannered. They are also incredibly cute and make fantastic companions for toddlers, seniors, and everyone in between.

Havanese Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Havanese puppies are adorable, sweet, playful, and as happy as can be. If you’re fond of dog smooches and loving cuddles, you’ll have a new best friend in the Havanese puppy. Havanese puppies are wonderful companions to have by your side in your everyday life. They are always in a good mood which they gladly share with those around them, and they make it their mission to make everyone feel loved. These precious puppies are toy-sized, fluffy, and ready to bounce their tiny paws into your heart.

Mini Aussie Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Mini Aussie

Best friends come in all sizes. Adopt a Mini Aussie puppy, fall in love, and get a lifetime of laughter and cuddles with your fur family member only at Simply Southern Pups. They are playful and happy-go-lucky pups who love to play with others. They are intelligent and quite easy to train. Mini Aussies are great family dogs, as they get along with children and other pets in the household.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Your adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is waiting for you at Simply Southern Pups! The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small and sturdy dog. They have a loyal personality and can be described as one of the most human-like dogs when it comes to their relationship with people. They will be extremely attached to their owner and will not hesitate in showing their affection for them.

Shih Tzu Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu puppies have a lot of personality and charm, and there is no doubt as to why they are one of the most popular breeds today. Their low-shedding coat makes them easy to groom, and their small size makes them perfect for apartments or small homes. Shih Tzu puppies are delightful and gentle pets. They are affectionate and constantly want to be with their family. They get along great with children and other pets as well. These puppies bond with everyone in the family, making them a wonderful addition to any home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A dandy dog in all aspects, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel will impress you with its striking appearance and kind personality. Named after a king, these regal puppies hold true to their history. They thrive in a setting where doting on and praising are a daily routine, and they are great fans of belly rubs and cuddles. Because their nature drives them to follow in the footsteps of their humans, these precious Cavaliers are more than happy to adapt to a life of adventures as well as to one of zen and relaxation.

Cocker Spaniel Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Cocker Spaniel

Welcome to our Cocker Spaniel puppies' page, a realm where cuteness and companionship come with four paws and a wagging tail. Cocker Spaniels, with their beautiful coats and big, soulful eyes, are ready to fill your life with joyful moments and unconditional love. Browse our adorable Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale, each one raised with tender care, ready to leap right into your heart. Embrace the cuddly journey ahead, filled with playful afternoons, cozy evenings, and a lifetime of treasured memories with your furry friend.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale at Simply Southern Pups. Toy-sized, elegant, and charismatic, Yorkshire Terrier puppies come with all the best qualities a dog can have. They are sweet, easily trainable, feisty and passionate about fun dog games, energetic, and highly adaptable. Unlike most puppies that are either hyperactive or only fond of naps and relaxation, Yorkies can adapt to any type of lifestyle. They love adventures just as much as cuddly naps and are one of the best dog breeds for families with children.

Maltese Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


The cute Maltese puppies are the best source of unconditional love and joy. These adorable little puppies are smart, affectionate, very responsive to training, and as friendly as can be. They adore cuddles and chases and are very fond of making friends with everyone they meet. The Maltese puppies love to be a part of a family, especially if kids are involved. These jewel-like dogs are playful, kind, gentle, and very loving of their people. They can adapt to a lifestyle of adventures and family trips as well as to one of relaxation and blissful companionship.

Bichon Frise Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise puppies are small dogs that make good moderate-energy companions. They are known for their curly hair, sweet nature, and charming personalities. The Bichon Frise is one of the best breeds for children due to its affectionate and playful nature. They love to cuddle, explore, and play any game designed for dogs. Their gentle, easy-going temperament also makes them suited for life in a home with other animals. Bichon Frise puppies are one of the easiest dog breeds to train. They impress with their intelligence and devotion to their owners.

Boston Terrier Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Boston Terrier

Are you looking for a Boston Terrier puppy? Check out our friendly puppies that are ready to meet their forever families, only at Simply Southern Pups. The Boston Terrier is a small, sturdy dog with an affectionate personality and lots of spunk. These dogs are great for families, singles, seniors, and first-time pet owners. Highly affectionate and loyal, they also get along great with kids. They love to play, but also love to snuggle up with their owners.

Portuguese Water Dog Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups

Portuguese Water Dog

Looking for a new best friend? Let us help you find the perfect Portuguese Water Dog puppy only at Simply Southern Pups. They are playful, energetic, and fun-loving, but also extremely loyal and protective. They love to swim, hike through mountain trails, play in the dog park and participate in family activities with kids of all ages. Highly intelligent, easy to train, and eager to please, this breed makes for a fantastic companion pet.

Pug Puppy For Sale - Simply Southern Pups


Simply Southern Pups is the perfect place to find the perfect Pug puppies. The Pug is a gentle, happy little dog with a charming personality. Pug babies are lively and fun-loving, with an affectionate nature. As even-tempered and sweet dogs, they make wonderful playmates for kids of all ages and lovely companion pets for couples and singles. These little joy bringers love to cuddle and are generous with their Pug love. When it comes to their family, the Pugs attach like magnets.