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Mini Irish Doodle Breed Information

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curious Mini Irish Doodle puppy

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Mini Irish Doodle breed. This delightful hybrid is a cross between a Poodle and an Irish Setter, resulting in a breed that's as charming as it is unique. If you're considering bringing a Mini Irish Doodle puppy into your home, you're in for a treat. These adorable doodle dogs are known for their moderate energy levels, minimal shedding, and responsive nature when it comes to training. 

Weighing in at a manageable 20-35 lbs as adults, and standing 12-17 inches tall, Mini Irish Doodles are the perfect size for most homes. Their smart, adoring, and social temperament makes them a joy to be around, and their energetic nature means they're always up for an adventure. 

One of the standout characteristics of the Mini Irish Doodle breed is its hypoallergenic coat. This makes them an excellent choice for families with allergies, as their minimal shedding reduces the amount of pet dander in the home. 

With a lifespan of 12-15 years, bringing a Mini Irish Doodle into your life is a long-term commitment. But rest assured, it's a commitment filled with love, joy, and plenty of tail wags. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with an Irish Setter ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Intelligent, Joyful, Energetic, Friendly ADULT WEIGHT 20-35 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 12-17 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • One of the most appealing characteristics of a Mini Irish Doodle puppy is its hypoallergenic coat. This feature makes them a great choice for singles or families with allergies 
  • The Mini Irish Doodle breed is known for its moderate energy level. They're always ready for a game of fetch or a walk in the park, but they also appreciate downtime with their human companions 
  • Say goodbye to endless vacuuming, the Mini Irish Doodle breed is a minimal shedder 
    Training your Mini Irish Doodle will be a breeze. They're known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, making them responsive to training 
  • Mini Irish Doodles are known for their adoring and affectionate nature. They form strong bonds with their families and love to show their affection 
  • These charming pups love to socialize. Whether it's with other dogs, humans, or even cats, they're always ready to make a new friend 
  • With an adult weight of 20-35 lbs and height of 12-17 inches, Mini Irish Doodles are the perfect size for both apartment living and larger homes 
  • With a lifespan of 12-15 years, the Mini Irish Doodle breed is a companion that will be with you for a good long while 
Mini Irish Doodle puppy


The Mini Irish Doodle is a picture of charm and elegance, with its unique features making it a standout in any crowd. One of the first things you'll notice about a Mini Irish Doodle puppy is its adorable size. As adults, they typically weigh between 20-35 lbs and stand 12-17 inches tall, making them a perfect fit for both small apartments and larger homes. 

Their coat is a beautiful blend of the Irish Setters' rich red and the Poodle's curly fur. This results in a wavy or curly coat that comes in a variety of colors, including red, cream, black, and sometimes even a mix. This coat is not just beautiful but also hypoallergenic, thanks to the Poodle's influence, making them a great choice for allergy sufferers. 

One of the most endearing characteristics of the Mini Irish Doodle breed is their expressive eyes. Often a deep brown, these eyes are full of intelligence and warmth, reflecting their friendly and loving nature. 

Their bodies are well-proportioned and sturdy, showcasing their moderate energy level and love for play. Their tails are often docked, but when left long, they add an extra touch of charm to their appearance. 

The Mini Irish Doodles' appearance is a delightful mix of elegance and playfulness. Their unique looks, combined with their friendly disposition, make them a wonderful addition to any family. 


The Mini Irish Doodle is a breed that's full of personality. Their temperament is one of the reasons they're so beloved by their owners. These dogs are known for being smart, adoring, social, and energetic, making them a joy to have around. 

One of the defining traits of the Mini Irish Doodle breed is their intelligence. They're quick learners, eager to please, and responsive to training. This makes them a great choice for first-time dog owners or families with children. 

Their adoring nature is another characteristic that sets them apart. Mini Irish Doodles form strong bonds with their families and are known for their loyalty and affection. They love to cuddle and will often follow their favorite humans from room to room, just to be close to them. 

Mini Irish Doodles are also social butterflies. They get along well with other dogs, and they're friendly towards strangers. This makes them great companions for outings to the park or neighborhood walks. 

Despite their moderate energy level, Mini Irish Doodles are not hyperactive. They enjoy a good play session, but they're also content to chill out with their families. This balance makes them a great fit for a variety of lifestyles. 



Keeping a Mini Irish Doodle looking its best requires a moderate amount of grooming, but don't worry, it's nothing too daunting. Their beautiful, hypoallergenic coat does require regular care to keep it healthy and looking its best. 

One of the main grooming tasks for a Mini Irish Doodle owner is regular brushing. Their wavy or curly coat can become tangled or matted if not brushed regularly. Aim for a good brush-through at least a few times a week. This will not only keep their coat looking great but also provide a bonding experience between you and your Mini Irish Doodle. 

Despite their minimal shedding, Mini Irish Doodles do benefit from regular professional grooming. A trim every 8-12 weeks can help keep their coat manageable and neat. Plus, professional groomers can also take care of tasks like ear cleaning and nail trimming. 

Speaking of ears, it's important to check your Mini Irish Doodles ears regularly. Their floppy ears can be prone to infection if not kept clean and dry. A quick weekly check can help spot any potential issues early. 

As for bathing, Mini Irish Doodles typically don't require frequent baths. Unless they've rolled in something smelly or gotten into a mess, a bath every few months should suffice. 

Teeth brushing is another important aspect of grooming. Regular brushing can help prevent dental issues and keep your Mini Irish Doodles' breath fresh. 

Exercise Needs

The Mini Irish Doodle is a breed with moderate energy levels, which means they require regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. However, they're not as hyperactive as some other breeds, making their exercise needs quite manageable. 

A daily walk is a must for a Mini Irish Doodle. This not only provides physical exercise but also mental stimulation as they explore their surroundings. They'll enjoy sniffing around the neighborhood, meeting other dogs, and spending quality time with their favorite human. 

In addition to walks, Mini Irish Doodles also enjoy playtime. A game of fetch in the backyard, a romp in the park, or even a fun tug-of-war session in the living room can help burn off some energy and keep your Mini Irish Doodle entertained. 

Despite their love for play, Mini Irish Doodles also appreciate downtime. They're just as happy to curl up at your feet for a nap as they are to chase a ball. This balance of energy and relaxation makes them a great fit for many families. 

It's also worth noting that mental exercise is just as important for this intelligent breed. Puzzle toys, training sessions, and interactive games can help keep their minds sharp. 


Mini Irish Doodles are generally healthy dogs, thanks to the genetic diversity they inherit from their parent breeds, the Irish Setter and the Miniature Poodle. However, like all breeds, they can be prone to certain health conditions. Being aware of these potential issues allows for early detection and treatment. 

Some of the issues Mini Irish Doodles may encounter can include ear infections, dental problems, allergies, and in some rare cases, obesity.

Despite these potential health concerns, it's important to remember that a well-cared-for Mini Irish Doodle can lead a happy and healthy life. Regular vet check-ups, a balanced diet, and adequate exercise can go a long way in ensuring your Mini Irish Doodle's health. 


Mini Irish Doodles are known for their impressive lifespan. With proper care and a healthy lifestyle, these delightful dogs often live between 12-15 years. This long lifespan means that when you welcome a Mini Irish Doodle into your home, you're gaining a companion for many wonderful years. 


Training a Mini Irish Doodle is a rewarding experience, thanks to their intelligence and eagerness to please. These dogs are known for being responsive to training, making them a great choice for both first-time and experienced dog owners. 

Positive reinforcement methods work best with this breed. They respond well to treats, praise, and plenty of affection. Remember, patience and consistency are key when training any dog breed. 

Socialization is an important part of training for a Mini Irish Doodle. Exposing them to different environments, people, and other animals at a young age can help them grow into well-rounded adult dogs. 

Mini Irish Doodles also benefit from mental stimulation. Training sessions, puzzle toys, and interactive games can help keep their minds sharp. 

Despite their intelligence, Mini Irish Doodles can sometimes be a bit stubborn. If you encounter resistance during training, don't get discouraged. Keep sessions short and fun, and always end on a positive note. 


The Mini Irish Doodle is a relatively new breed, a delightful mix of an Irish Setter and a Miniature Poodle. This breed was thoughtfully created to combine the best traits of both parent breeds, resulting in a dog that's intelligent, friendly, and hypoallergenic. 

The Irish Setter, known for their stunning red coat and friendly disposition, has been a beloved breed for centuries. Originating in Ireland, these dogs were initially bred for hunting, valued for their keen sense of smell and swift running speed. 

On the other hand, the Miniature Poodle, despite their reputation as a "frou-frou" dog, is actually a highly intelligent and active breed. Originating from Germany, Poodles were initially used as water retrievers, and their intelligence and trainability have made them a favorite breed worldwide. 

The combination of these two breeds in the Mini Irish Doodle results in a dog that's smart, energetic, and incredibly loving. The breed first gained popularity in the early 2000s and has been a favorite among dog lovers ever since. The Mini Irish Doodle is particularly loved for its hypoallergenic coat, a trait inherited from the Poodle parent, making them a great choice for those with allergies. 

While the Mini Irish Doodle may not have a long history, it certainly has a bright future. As more people discover the joy of this breed, the popularity of the Mini Irish Doodle puppy continues to rise.