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French Bulldog Breed Information

Paws Pattern
fawn french bulldog full grown dog

French Bulldogs are among the most loved puppies in the world, and for good reason. They are happy, playful, and highly entertaining. If their looks don’t warm your heart, their personalities certainly will. French Bulldog puppies don’t have a care in the world, and they inspire their owners to match their free spirit. These stunning puppies like to entertain their human families with the cutest tricks and funniest stunts, and they are quite passionate about laps, cuddles, and belly rubs. If you need joy in your life, the French Bulldog puppies are here to love you forever and bring a mountain of giggles into your home.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Average TRAINING Challenge TEMPERAMENT Affectionate, Independent, Funny, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 22-28 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 11-13 in LIFE SPAN 9-11 yrs


  • French Bulldogs are often referred to as Frenchie in the United States and Bouledogue Francais in France 
  • The French Bulldog origin dates back to 19th century England 
  • Renowned for their magnificent appearance, the French Bulldog puppies are considered one of the most popular dog breeds in Europe, Australia, and the United States 
  • Although they are not particularly vocal, French Bulldogs are an excellent fit for watchdog duties. They are not big barkers, but they do like to alert their humans to anything amiss 
  • French Bulldog puppies are happy, entertaining, and easy to train 
  • Because their nature is affectionate and they attach to their humans like Velcro, French Bulldogs fit better with an owner that is by their side for most of the time 
  • French Bulldogs have low exercise needs and very few grooming requirements 
  • As an adaptable dog breed, Frenchies do well in both relaxed environments and semi-active lifestyles 
white French bulldog wearing golden chain


French Bulldogs have a most beautiful look that is easily recognizable due to their unique features. These stunning, small-sized dogs appear friendly, calm, and ready to be pampered. Their step is relaxed, and they have a warm expression.

Common French Bulldog features include a sturdy, rounded build, a short and shiny coat, dark rounded eyes, a square muzzle, and big, beautiful bat-like ears that have a round upright tip. The French Bulldog size may reach 11 to 13 inches in height and a weight of 22 to 28 pounds for a full-grown French Bulldog adult. French Bulldogs colors include fawn, brindle, black, gray, white, and cream. Fawn and gray French Bulldog puppies are among the most popular. 


Exceptionally kind, calm, caring, and well-mannered, the French Bulldog is indeed one of the best companion pets to have around. These lovey-dovey dogs know nothing of aggressive behavior and are more than happy to make friends with everyone on their path. They behave remarkably well around children, often caring for them as nannies do, and are very gifted at entertaining. Funny tricks are their strong point while jumping high is a challenge they fight to conquer.  

Like all affectionate dogs, French Bulldogs don’t like solitude one bit. They crave companionship just as much as their owners do and aren’t particularly glad when they get left alone at home.  

Another wonderful aspect that French Bulldogs are loved for is their adaptability. Although their nature is laid-back, they can easily adapt to a more active lifestyle, all to match their owners and be included in every activity.  


French Bulldog Grooming

French Bulldogs are effortless to care for when it comes to their grooming requirements as they are a low-maintenance dog breed. Brushing their coats once every week or so and bathing them every couple of months should be enough to keep them shiny, clean, and healthy.

Because they have skin folds on their faces, it is recommended to spend a little more time cleaning the area between their wrinkles where they could gather dust. French Bulldogs tend to be more relaxed as opposed to energetic and might not walk or run enough for their nails to be naturally trimmed down. If this is the case with your French Bulldog, it is beneficial to clip their nails as soon as they start making noise on your wooden floor.

You should also pay special attention to their teeth as they may be prone to some dental issues (as all dogs are). Brushing their teeth is beneficial and should be done frequently. Their ears might also need checking and cleaning every once in a while to avoid infections.  

French Bulldog Exercise Needs

The French Bulldog is a moderately active dog breed that has low exercise needs. Although these dogs enjoy the occasional romp around the house or yard, their overall exercise routines should contain moderation. One or two short daily walks should be enough to keep them exercised and happy. Indoor games and puzzles are also beneficial in keeping their minds and bodies in shape. As French Bulldogs have a shorter snout than most dogs, it is important to keep from over-exercising them as they may encounter difficulties breathing. If your Frenchie shows signs of heavy breathing or exhaustion, it is recommended to end the walk and head home for some well-needed rest.  

French Bulldog Health

French Bulldogs aren’t a particularly sickly dog breed, although some dogs may be prone to certain health concerns as a result of over-feeding, mishandling, and over-exercising. French Bulldog health problems can include ear infections, dental issues, obesity, and certain allergies that are common in dogs. Breathing problems are also common in French Bulldogs due to their short muzzles and sometimes semi-restricted airway structure. To keep your French Bulldog healthy, it’s important to protect them from extreme weather during any season and provide a balanced and strict diet of age-appropriate dog food.  

French Bulldog Lifespan

French Bulldogs have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years. The French Bulldog's life expectancy can extend to 14+ years if the dog is raised in a peaceful environment, fed superior quality dog food, and exercised regularly.  

French Bulldog Training

French Bulldog puppies are happy little dogs that thrive on attention and praise, especially during their early training days. These cute puppies aren’t known to keep focus for very long and can be easily distracted. The best way to begin training Frenchie puppies is to first designate a quiet room where distractions are as few as possible and stick to short sessions that include praise, treats, and lots of fun.

French Bulldog puppies love to dote on their humans and will try their best to please however they can. They are a sensitive breed that does not take well to yelling or punishments. Gentleness and consistency will go a long way with these fun puppies.  

As most affectionate dog breeds tend to suffer from separation anxiety, so do the loving French Bulldogs. These dogs very much dislike being left alone, especially for long hours, and may become lonely or sad when their humans leave. To help your French Bulldog grow up to be an independent dog, training must begin as early as possible. Teach your French Bulldog puppy that leaving and coming back work together. That alone time is for naps, special treats, and fun toys.

Teaching your puppy to be independent takes time and patience. The process should begin with you leaving for a minute and coming back, all while acting as casually as possible. Once your puppy is ok with you being gone for one minute, you can move on to 2 minutes, then 3, then 10 minutes, and so on. As your puppy gets comfortable with being alone, the process will become smoother. It is important that you don’t leave your puppy alone for more time than he or she is comfortable with.  


Although their name suggests that they are from France, the French Bulldogs are in fact from Nottingham England. At the beginning of the 19th century, smaller bulldogs that are believed to have the English bulldog as their ancestors, first appeared in Nottingham. These toy-sized bulldogs were immensely popular among the factory workers and families of the area, often acting as both ratters and companions.

When the Industrial Revolution brought machines to factories, replacing workers with automatization, the people from Nottingham decided to move on and begin anew in Normandy France. Their small bulldogs accompanied them on their journey to France where they were met with instant popularity. The French people became so fond of the new dogs that they eventually renamed them Bouledogue Francais – French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog puppies were seen as one of the most fashionable dog breeds of the time, often being seen at the side of actors, famous singers, and the rich. French Bulldogs enjoy the same popularity today, as they are still considered one of the most loved dog breeds across European countries, Australia, Russia, and the United States.