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Cavapoo Breed Information

Paws Pattern
brown cavapoo puppy on white carpet

With dashing looks, sharp intelligence, and a winning personality, the Cavapoo checks all the boxes. Cavapoo puppies are little sweethearts that love to play, cuddle, and make friends with everyone they meet. They are kind, caring, and very loving. As a half and half mix of a  Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a Mini or Toy Poodle, these precious Cavapoo puppies inherit a wonderful set of qualities. They are clever, graceful, easy to train, passionate about pleasing their humans, and dedicated to making everyone around them happy. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Cavalier King Charles ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Intelligent, Loving, Social ADULT WEIGHT 8-20 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 9-14 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • The Cavapoo is sometimes referred to as Cavoodle or Cavadoodle 
  • Cavapoos are originally from Australia and are one of the most adored doodle puppies in the world
  • As a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Poodle mix, Cavapoo puppies display a magnificent blend of qualities and physical traits 
  • Because they are part Poodle, hypoallergenic Cavapoo qualities are great for allergy sufferers 
  • The F1 Cavapoo benefits from hybrid vigor, while the F1b Cavapoo has better hypoallergenic qualities 
  • Cavapoos are amazing therapy dogs 
  • With their friendly nature and excellent social skills, Cavapoo dogs get along well with everyone from cats to humans and other dogs 
  • Cavapoo puppies adapt just as easily to city apartments as they do to larger homes 
  • Sweet, playful, and docile, Cavapoo dogs make wonderful companion pets for families with children 
  • Cavapoo puppies are effortless to train and easy to care for 
full grown cavapoo dog with brown and white coat


Cavapoos, like their parents, are fancy-looking pooches. Taking after their Miniature Poodle parent, their height reaches 9 to 14 inches while their weight varies from 8 to 20 pounds for a full-grown Cavapoo.

These beautiful dogs have a well-proportioned body, a straight to wavy or curly coat, cute floppy ears, a button nose, and a fancy curled tail. Their eyes are round, black or dark brown, and soulful. Because they are a mix of two dogs with very different appearances, Cavapoos can have a blend of features from both parents or inherit more features from either one. Their coats can have the same patterns and markings as Cavaliers do or be of a solid color. Common Cavapoo colors include white, brown, black, and yellow. Being part Poodle, Cavapoos shed very little and have excellent hypoallergenic qualities.  


Cavapoos are fantastic dogs with darling personalities. They are calm-tempered, sweet, and loving of everything that moves. Because they are half Cavalier spaniel and half Poodle, their personality can’t be anything under perfect. Poodles are the second smartest dog breed on the planet, while Cavaliers impress with a well-balanced nature.

Cavapoos, like their parents, are exceedingly bright, loyal, friendly, and very affectionate. These cutie pies are always happy and ready to make a new friend. They relish every opportunity to go out and explore the world and are quite fond of being introduced to new people. Fetching, swimming, going on short hikes, relaxing, and cuddling are among their favorite hobbies. As a docile dog breed, and most importantly one that is unfamiliar with aggression, the Cavapoo is the ideal dog for a family with children. Kids love Cavapoos, and Cavapoos return the favor tenfold. Together, they are excellent playmates, fun entertainers, and perfect cuddle buddies.  


Cavapoo Grooming

Although their gorgeous coats need regular grooming, Cavapoos aren’t considered a high-maintenance breed. It is recommended to brush them daily in order to keep their hair from getting matted, but if that can’t be achieved, thorough weekly brushing should suffice. Because small dogs like the Cavapoo are often prone to dental issues, they should have their teeth cleaned regularly, every few days, if not daily. They should also see a groomer a few times a year for a more professional dental cleaning or tartar removal. Cavapoos should also be bathed on a monthly basis to keep their coats clean and soft. Their nails should be clipped if they grow to the point where they are heard on the floor.   

Cavapoo Exercise Needs

Cavapoo dogs have moderate energy levels, and more often than not, low exercise requirements. Two short walks or one long walk every day is the best way to exercise the little Cavapoos. To keep these cute dogs happy and in shape, a weekend hike, a chase around the house, and plenty of interactive games are recommended. It is best to avoid over-exercising or walking too long in extreme weather.  

Cavapoo Health

Like all small dog breeds, Cavapoos can be prone to certain health problems. Although they enjoy better health as hybrid dogs, they can sometimes develop conditions such as ear infections, allergies, dental issues, and in some rare cases, obesity.  

Cavapoo Life Span

Cavapoos have a general lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Although many surpass that mark effortlessly, it is also recommended to keep to a strict highly nutritional diet of quality dog food and a daily exercise routine, to increase the Cavapoo life expectancy.  

Cavapooo Training

Cavapoo puppies are small little darlings that love to learn through play. They can be taught a myriad of tricks as well as many games and cute stunts. Because they are a sensitive breed, Cavapoo puppies respond better to positive reinforcement and rewards as opposed to yelling which has the opposite effect.

Socializing Cavapoo puppies should be undemanding as they are naturally outgoing and open to interacting with new people and pets. Socializing should begin indoors, in a setting they know and are comfortable in. Gradually introduce them to new people and distractions to prepare them for outdoor adventures. 

Although they are known to be an independent dog breed, Cavapoo puppies should be taught how to handle alone time just to be safe. Leaving them alone for short periods of time and gradually increasing the minutes once they show acceptance of being on their own, is the best way to help them become independent.  


Cavapoos, marvelous puppies in every sense, appeared in Australia at the beginning of 1990. These adorable puppies are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the Miniature or Toy-sized Poodle. By mixing these two top dog breeds, Cavapoo breeders were undoubtedly on the road to success. Cavapoo puppies were predestined to enchant the world with their unique looks and agreeable personalities.

The Cavapoo mix is hypoallergenic, extremely intelligent, and sweet-hearted. Being half Cavalier and half Poodle, these puppies inherit the most desirable qualities two top breeds have to offer. Cavalier spaniels were chosen for this Cavapoo mix for their pleasant nature and fun-loving personalities, while Poodles were selected for their versatility, loyalty, and high intelligence. Although they only have 30 years of history under their belt, Cavapoos can tell us all we need to know about them through their parents.  

Cavalier King Charles spaniels have been around for many centuries, gathering an immense number of admirers. They started out in the heart of luxury at the Royal House of England as the favorite dogs of King Charles I. For a short time in their history, after their admiring king fell, the toy spaniels were faced with extinction. Luckily, the breed was saved and furthered by a few noble houses that remained loyal to the former king. From there on, Cavalier King Charles spaniels spread out to the rest of the world and found favor with European aristocrats, wealthy families in Australia, and the American elites. These toy-sized adorable dogs have always shown resilience through difficult times. Today, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, adored for their fancy appearance and kind loving nature.  

The Poodle, a true ancient canine, has been around for many hundred years. Although there are depictions of Poodle-type dogs dating back to the time of pharaohs and emperors, the first official documentation of the breed puts these dogs’ origins at the start of the 14th century. Poodles come from Germany where they originated as duck hunters and retrievers. The ever-so-popular and fancy Poodle haircut with pom poms was defined in Germany to aid the dogs in their speed and agility while diving after fowl. Spreading out from Germany to the rest of the world, these curly-coated pooches were soon recognized as the official dog breed of France, the second smartest breed in the world, and a fashion icon in many states. Today, they are among the most popular companion pets, parents to many doodle breeds, canine movie stars, and title holders in Westminster’s best in show.