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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Info

Paws Pattern
fawn adult pembroke welsh corgi

Your adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is waiting for you at Simply Southern Pups! The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small and sturdy dog. They have a loyal personality and can be described as one of the most human-like dogs when it comes to their relationship with people. They will be extremely attached to their owner and will not hesitate in showing their affection for them. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Regularly TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Gentle, Kindly, Sweet, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 22-31 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 10-12 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small, sturdy breed of dog, native to Wales  
  • Originally bred as cattle herders and drovers, they were later used to hunt fox and badger 
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgis are cheerful, outgoing dogs who love people and want to be with them all the time 
  • They can be quite active indoors and also do well in apartments, but they do need plenty of exercise outdoors every day 
  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an old breed that has been around for hundreds of years 
  • They are very intelligent and eager to please their owners, so they are easy to train 
  • They are friendly with everyone they meet, children and cats included 
  • They are great watchdogs, alerting owners to strangers approaching their home or property 
sable and white pemkbroke welsh corgi puppy


Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a small to medium-sized dog breed with a unique appearance and personality. They have a double coat, which means they have longer hair on their body and head and short hair on their legs, face, tail, and underbelly. Their coat colors include fawn, sable, red, and blue, with white markings or combinations of black and tan or black and white. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis have short legs in proportion to their body size which helps them move quickly over rough land. Their tail is usually docked short. 

The average height and weight vary, but they usually grow to be between 10 and 12 inches tall and 22 to 31 pounds when fully grown. 

The body type of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is muscular with short legs in proportion to its body. It has a unique appearance that includes large upright ears that are rounded at the tip, oval-shaped adoring eyes that come in shades of brown, and a thick double coat. 


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an active, playful dog. It's a good match for families with children, as long as the children are old enough to understand that the Corgi needs regular exercise and plenty of attention. 

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi can live in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. This breed doesn't like being left alone for long periods of time. 

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is friendly with strangers, other dogs, and pets. It's also bold and tenacious, so it will sometimes chase cats or smaller animals. He is a good watchdog because he's protective of his home and family. 



Pembroke Welsh Corgis are short-haired dogs that do not need a lot of grooming. They do shed a bit, but it is not excessive. The Corgi breed is not high maintenance like other breeds. 

Brushing their coat weekly will keep them in good shape and prevent matting. Bathing can be done as needed, but they should be bathed only every few months or so because their coats help repel dirt and water. 

Trimming their nails is necessary if you want your Pembroke to look his best at shows and when being shown off to friends and family.  

You should also clean their ears regularly to prevent infections from developing. Brushing their teeth once or twice a week will help prevent dental problems down the road as well as keep their breath fresh! 

Exercise Needs

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis are active dogs that need some exercise. The breed originated in Wales, but it is now popular throughout the world. They were originally bred to herd cattle, but today they excel at many dog sports such as agility and obedience. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are energetic dogs that love to be on the move. They make great companions for active families that have a yard for them to play in or can take them out for long walks every day. 

Corgis need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. They would probably be happy running around all day with you, but if that's not possible then at least make sure they get plenty of walks each day. Corgis are also excellent companions for any type of activity, whether it's hiking or playing fetch in the backyard. 

The best way to keep your Pembroke happy is by giving them plenty of opportunities to run around and interact with other people or dogs during the day. 


Pembroke Welsh Corgis are prone to a few health issues. Some of these include ear infections, allergies, dental issues, and obesity.


If you love British royalty and herding dogs, then the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the breed for you! The average lifespan of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 12 to 15 years, but your furry friend could live as long as 17 or even 18 years if you take good care of them! 


Pembroke Welsh Corgis are small and happy dogs who like to learn new skills. They're all too smart, always trying to please everyone, and love playing tricks. Their gentleness is coupled with an alertness that makes them excellent watchdogs. They are very sensitive dogs and need a gentle approach when training. 

Training should be kept fun by using treats and praise as rewards. They quickly learn basic obedience commands like sit, stay, down and come when they know they might get a treat or tidbit of food as a reward. 

Corgis love to play games and enjoy difficult tasks, so teach them fun tricks like jumping through hoops, dancing on hind legs, or rolling over on command. Enroll your Corgi in agility training classes where they can show off their skills by running through tunnels, jumping over obstacles, and leaping over high jumps! 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are independent thinkers who will do things on their own terms if left unsupervised for too long or allowed to roam free outdoors unsupervised for extended periods of time (like other breeds). It's important that you establish yourself as the alpha dog/leader of your pack so that your Corgi will look up to you for guidance and direction. 


The name “Corgi” comes from the Welsh word for dwarf or a docked tail, which is pronounced corg. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are sometimes called “the little dogs with big hearts” because they are so loyal and affectionate towards their owners.  

It was bred for herding, but it is also very popular as a family pet. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been around since at least the 14th century. It was developed in Wales by breeding Cardigan Welsh Corgis with Flemish cattle dogs (the ancestors of today's Belgian Shepherd). 

The breed was originally used to herd cattle and other livestock, but it also became popular as a companion dog because of its affectionate nature and intelligence. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was recognized by the AKC in 1934.