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Shorkie Breed Information

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Shorkie Breed

Adopt an adorable Shorkie puppy at Simply Southern Pups. These designer puppies will provide you with a lifetime supply of cuddles, friendship, and love. Shorkies are lovey-dovey dogs with plenty of spunk. They are a cross between Shih Tzus and Yorkies, which means they come with glamorous looks, a petite size, and an always joyful demeanor. They are friendly and quite sociable, and they adore playing with children.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Hybrid / Shih Tzu crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Affectionate, Energetic, Friendly, Loving, Sweet ADULT WEIGHT 6-14 in ADULT HEIGHT 4-10 lbs LIFE SPAN 13-16 yrs


  • The Shorkie breed is a cross between a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Yorkshire terrier 
  • Like their parents, these puppies are loving of their owners and friendly to all 
  • The hypoallergenic Shorkie coat makes these dogs perfect for owners who suffer from pet-related allergies 
  • Toy Shorkie size 
  • A combination of spunky and cuddly, these sweet dogs make excellent pets for any type of owner and lifestyle. They can adapt well to both active and more relaxed environments 
  • Grooming these dogs is as easy as loving them 
  • Easy to train and fond of pleasing their owners, Shorkies will pick up on training lessons quickly 
  • The Shorkie hybrid is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club 
cute Shorkie puppy


One of the cutest dogs around, Shorkies will impress you with their adorable size and glamorous features. These bundles of fluff are toy size, standing at 6 to 14 inches tall. They may be smaller or larger depending on their genes. Typically, Shorkies that take more after their Yorkie parent, will be very petite, while those that take after their Shih Tzu parent more, will be a bit taller. The same goes for their weight, with adult Shorkies weighing an average of 4 to 10 pounds. 

Some of their cutest features include their button noses, floppy or pointed ears, adorable, feathered tails, and intelligent gaze. Their demeanor is always playful, friendly, and happy.  

While their coats can appear with the same colors and patterns as their parents, they are most often seen with a combination of textures and colors from both parents. Shorkie colors include combinations of black, white, red, brown, gray, cream, tan, golden, and silver. 


As one would expect from a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Shorkie is an amazing little dog. Combine the Shih Tzu’s love for cuddles and attention with the Yorkie’s feisty nature and playfulness, and you get a dog that has it all.  

Shorkies are just as spunky as they are affectionate with people. They come with a bit of independence and a stubborn streak they get from their parents, but they are absolutely charming. Aggression or reservedness is not in their genes, and neither is shyness. You will find these dogs saluting everyone they meet and playing nice with all their furry friends.  

Family and life at home are all that matter to these little cuddlers. They adore spending time with their humans and are quite nice towards children. It is important to note though, that Shorkies are very small dogs and can easily be injured by small, speedy children. It is best to supervise any and all interactions between these small pups and children.  



Grooming Shorkies isn’t a time-consuming activity. Although these beautiful dogs have somewhat long coats, keeping up with their fluffy appearance is easy. All you need to do is brush them a couple of times every week and bathe them every month or two. Brushing is essential, and if you have the time, it would be best to brush your Shorkie daily. Daily brushing, even for a couple of minutes, will help keep their coats smooth and tangle-free. It also helps to spread good natural oils throughout the coat. 

Other aspects of grooming these dogs include ear and dental care. Their ears are best checked and cleaned at least weekly, while their teeth should be brushed daily if possible. Brushing your Shorkie’s teeth daily will help your dog steer away from dental issues such as periodontal disease, gum problems, and bad breath.  

Exercise Needs

As a moderately active breed, the Shorkie is a great fit for a casual lifestyle. These dogs don’t require extensive daily exercise, but they’re not couch potatoes either. The best routine for them consists of one or two daily walks and a game or two at home. Ideally, they should get at least 30 minutes of activity per day to ensure they stay fit, happy, and healthy. 

Their intelligence should also be trained through fun activities such as puzzle games or treat hunts. They require mental stimulation as much as physical exercise. 


Shorkies are renowned for their good health and longevity, but they are not completely immune to the ailments that can affect all small dog breeds. Like most of their furry friends, they can suffer from obesity, ear infections, cataracts, certain allergies (to food, certain types of grass, or skin allergies), BOAS – Brachycephalic Airway Obstructed Syndrome, and hypothyroidism. These conditions are most often non-life-threatening and can be identified early with regular vet checks.  


The lifespan of Shorkies is one of the longest in Dogdom, with most of these little guys living as much as 16 years. Some have exceeded this life expectancy and have lived well over 18 years. Their purebred parents also know longevity, both reaching as much as 23 years.  


Shorkie puppies are typically very easy to train, but like all little puppies, they require plenty of motivation to stay focused. These cuties may also inherit a bit of a stubborn streak, given that both of their parents are known to have it. Both Yorkies and Shih Tzus are occasionally stubborn, sometimes due to genes and other times due to spoiling.  

To get the best results when training Shorkie puppies, you should be prepared to cheer, praise, and motivate. Positive reinforcement can work wonders for these puppies, as do delicious treats, so make sure to use plenty of both. 

If your puppy begins to be less responsive to your reward system, you can try switching things up. You can use their favorite toys as motivation or incorporate their favorite games or activities into your training program.  
It's important to remember that although they are friendly and outgoing dogs, they still require socialization with others during early puppyhood. It’s best to introduce them to other pets gradually in a safe environment and not force interactions.  


Shorkies are among the loveliest and newest designer puppies around. They're a mix between two purebred dogs – a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Shih Tzu. Shorkie pups first appeared in the United States 10 to 20 years ago. And although we don’t yet know who is responsible for crossing the two breeds for the first time, we do know why the mix was developed.  

Since the 90s, when designer puppies started to emerge and become a hit, professional breeders have been working tirelessly to create new breeds that would be healthier, more balanced in terms of temperament, and more adorable looking. For breeds like the Shorkie, their small size and gorgeous, fluffy appearance are one of the most desirable traits. As a bonus, these pups are also hypoallergenic, making them a fantastic choice for owners who have sensitivities to pet hair and dander.  

The Shorkie’s parent breeds were chosen for their many qualities, both physical and personality-wise. Shih Tzus are lovers of cuddles and pampering, while Yorkies are true little terriers that come with enough spunk to keep anyone entertained. Put the two together and you get one amazing new breed that combines their personalities and looks.  

Although the Shorkie’s parents are both AKC registered, Shorkies are not. The American Kennel Club does not yet recognize mixed breeds, regardless of whether the breed’s parents are purebred or not. Kennel Clubs that do recognize the Shorkie are the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and the Designer Canine Registry (DCR).