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Mini Aussiedoodle Breed Information

Paws Pattern
cute mini aussiedoodle

A Mini Aussiedoodle is a cross between a Mini Australian Shepherd and a Miniature Poodle. Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are not only incredibly gorgeous, but also very intelligent. Since the Mini Aussie and the Poodle are considered two of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, their Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are bound to display the same qualities. These doodle puppies are friendly, playful, very loving of their owners, easily trainable, and low maintenance. They make excellent companions for families with children, as well as for single owners and couples.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Mini Australian Shepherd ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Loving, Energetic, Intelligent, Loyal, Outgoing ADULT WEIGHT 8-25 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 12-18 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • Mini Aussiedoodle dogs are a mix between a Mini Poodle and a Mini Australian Shepherd 
  • Contrary to what their name might indicate, Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are originally from the United States 
  • The Mini Aussiedoodle is also commonly known as the Mini Aussiepoodle and Mini Aussiepoo 
  • Hypoallergenic Mini Aussiedoodle puppies. Mini Aussiedoodles are part Poodle, which means that they can inherit the same allergy-friendly qualities that their Poodle parent has 
  • Sweet, playful, and energetic, Mini Aussiedoodle puppies make excellent pets for children 
  • As one of the smartest dog breeds in the canine world, Mini Aussiedoodles can be trained easily both as puppies and as adults 
  • Energetic dog breed. Mini Aussiedoodle dogs have high energy levels and need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day 
  • Low maintenance Mini Aussiedoodle adults. Full-grown Mini Aussiedoodles have low grooming requirements. They are a low-shedding dog breed that needs to be brushed once or twice every week 
  • Mini Aussiedoodles are friendly dogs that love to interact with others. They are a wonderful match for a multi-pet household, for families with children, and for active owners 
mini aussiedoodle with blue eyes


The cute Mini Aussiedoodles are famously known for their sweet-looking features, beautiful coat, friendly demeanor, and light step. Mini Aussiedoodles inherit physical traits from both of their parents - such as markings, eye shape, colors, build, paws, hair texture, and ears.

They can have markings that are either black, gray, or brown on white fur with brown tips on their ears and tail. Their eyes can be dark brown, black, or hazel in color, but they can also be blue like their Mini Australian Shepherd parent.

The Mini Aussiedoodle has a sturdy, well-proportioned, and muscular-built body covered in a beautiful, thick coat with unique markings and patterns. Mini Aussiedoodle colors include white, yellow, cream, brown, gray or silver, blue, red, and black.

Because one of their parents has a straight coat and the other is curlier, Mini Aussiedoodles can have any type of coat texture. Mini Aussiedoodles can also be medium to small-sized, depending on the size of their parents. Generally, a full-grown Mini Aussiedoodle adult will stand at 12 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 15 to 35 pounds. 


Mini Aussiedoodles are one of the most sociable and friendliest dog breeds. They are very intelligent and have a natural instinct to please their owners. Given that their parents are among the smartest dog breeds in the world, the Mini Aussiedoodles are the first to impress with their sky-high intelligence.

These dogs are great at dog sports, they love to play fetch, do agility training, go on hikes, and join their owners on fun adventures. Mini Aussiedoodle is also very good with children and other pets in the family. They love to cuddle, impress with tricks, and put on a show to get as much attention as they can. Mini Aussiedoodles are as loyal as can be when it comes to their owners and family. They crave to impress in any way they can, and always want to be involved in gatherings and family activities. 

Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are as sweet as they are playful and gorgeous. They like to spend most of their time either cuddled comfortably on a lap or investigating every inch of their surroundings. Walks and games are by far their favorite activities, especially if trips to the neighborhood dog park are involved. Mini Aussiedoodles make friends easily with other dogs and are completely fond of friendly chases and tugs of war.  


Mini Aussiedoodle Grooming

The Mini Aussiedoodle’s coat is usually curly but can also be wavy or straight. Having a variety of possible coat types means that the grooming routine will vary depending on the type of coat your Mini Aussiedoodle pup has.

Generally, Mini Aussiedoodle adults need to be brushed or combed once or twice a week to avoid tangles or matting. Brushing your dog's coat is an important part of grooming. It removes dirt, debris, and dead hair from your dog's coat, and it also stimulates their skin to release natural oils that keep their skin healthy and shiny.

You can bathe your Mini Aussiedoodle once every 4 to 6 weeks, preferably no longer than 15 minutes at a time to avoid skin irritation and dryness. Like all dogs, Mini Aussiedoodles can be prone to dental problems, so it is beneficial to brush their teeth regularly. It is also recommended to clip their nails and trim their coats every two months, or sooner if they need it. 

Mini Aussiedoodle Exercise Needs

Although small, Mini Aussiedoodles are an energetic dog breed that loves to be active. Mini Aussiedoodle dogs like to move their adorable paws as much as possible, be it in a chase, a game of fetch, or a zoom across the living room. Typically, these dogs need an average of 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. Two or three daily walks combined with indoor games should suffice to keep these cute dogs happy, healthy, and fit.  

Mini Aussiedoodle Health

As a cross between two purebred dogs, Mini Aussiedoodles have better health than their parents. Health problems that are common with the Poodle and Mini Australian Shepherd breeds include ear infections, dental issues, allergies, and obesity. Although it is unlikely for them to inherit these, Mini Aussiedoodles can be prone to some conditions that are common with their parent breeds. 

Mini Aussiedoodle Lifespan

Mini Aussiedoodles have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Although most Mini Aussiedoodles live to be 15 years at most, there have been some in the breed that have reached an age greater than 16 years. To ensure that your cute Mini Aussiedoodle has the longest lifespan, make sure to provide a loving and safe environment, plenty of exercise, and a well-balanced diet. 

Mini Aussiedoodle Training

Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are as smart as they are adorable. Just like their parents, they are known for their keen intelligence and responsiveness to training. Generally, Mini Aussiedoodle puppies respond best to reward-based training methods, and since they are fond of treats and toys, they can be trained very easily.

Training should begin as early as the first day your mini puppy arrives home and should include plenty of games and fun activities. You can begin potty training as a first lesson and then move on to basic commands, socializing, and leash training. These bright Mini Aussiedoodle puppies also love challenges, so it is recommended to include puzzle solving and treat hunt games in your training schedule to help stimulate their brilliant little minds. A calm voice, patience, and consistency are key when training a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  

Leash training your Mini Aussiedoodle puppy is one of the most important lessons you need your puppy to learn. Mini Aussiedoodles can inherit some of the prey drive that their parents have, so they need to master their recall words and loose leash walking. It is recommended to gradually introduce your puppy to its harness and leash both on and off, to allow it time to be comfortable with them, and to practice and master recalls before their first walk.  


The Mini Aussiedoodle has been around for more than three decades, but it wasn't until the early 2000s that it became popular because of its incredible intelligence and adorable looks. The Mini Aussiedoodle puppy is a cross breed between a Mini Australian Shepherd and a Miniature Poodle. The first litter of Mini Aussiedoodle puppies was born during the early 1990s in the United States.

As with most Poodle crossbreeds, the Mini Aussiedoodle was designed to inherit its parent’s small size along with desirable physical features, and have higher intelligence, a low-shedding coat, better heath than its parents, hypoallergenic qualities, and a unique appearance.  

Mini Australian Shepherds, who are sometimes called Mini Aussies and Mini American Shepherds, are one of the most popular dog breeds in Australia and the United States. Mini Aussies were selected for the Mini Aussiedoodle mix for their stunning appearance, trainability, and friendliness.

Poodles, like the Mini Aussies, were selected for the mixed breed in order to pass down their intelligence, elegant looks, and sweet nature. Poodles were also chosen for their hypoallergenic qualities and no shedding coats. 

Although the Mini Aussiedoodle breed is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club due to its mixed breed status, it is recognized by other kennel clubs such as the American Canine Hybrid Club.