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Havapoo Breed Information

Paws Pattern
Havapoo with unique coat colors

Sweet, charming, and with a dashing appearance, the Havapoo puppies are a never-ending source of joy. These charismatic little puppies are a cross between a purebred Havanese dog and a purebred Toy or Mini Poodle dog. Also known as doodle puppies, Havadoodle puppies, and Poovanese puppies, the Havapoos merit their ever-rising popularity to their striking looks, high spirits, and adoring behavior. These precious doodle pups are very bright, easy to care for, and effortless to train. They love being part of a human family and you can never find them bored.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Havanese ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Intelligent, Cuddly, Affectionate ADULT WEIGHT 8-20 lbs ADULT HEIGHT LIFE SPAN 10-14 yrs


  • Other names the Havapoo is known for include Havadoodle and Poovanese 
  • Havapoo puppies are a cross between a purebred Havanese and a purebred Mini or Toy Poodle 
  • As a cross between two hypoallergenic dog breeds, the Havapoo also comes with very low-shedding coats and hypoallergenic qualities 
  • The Havapoo hair is generally curly and very low shedding. It also has excellent properties for comfort and protection during both high and low temperatures 
  • Adorable and as bright as can be, the Havapoo puppies inherit high intelligence from both of their parents 
  • Adult Havapoo dogs have manageable grooming requirements 
  • Thanks in equal part to their small size, quiet nature, and moderate exercise needs, the Havapoo puppies do just as well in small city apartments as they do in large homes 
  • The Havapoo is a friendly dog breed that lacks aggression and territorial behavior 
  • Havapoo puppies make sweet companion pets for retirees, couples, singles, and families with children 
White Havapoo


The Havapoo puppies come in a gorgeous, fluffy, and cute appearance, with a joyful expression and a warm demeanor. As they get older, these lovely little puppies grow into stunning adult dogs that retain their sunny disposition throughout their adult years.

As a cross between a small Poodle and a small Havanese dog, the Havapoo breed will appear with physical traits and coat types from both parents. A full-grown Havapoo will have a well-rounded build, dark eyes, a wavy to curly coat, floppy ears, and a gorgeous, fluffy, and curled tail. Generally, the Havapoo adult will grow to an average of nine to twelve inches tall and weigh between eight to twelve pounds. Female Havapoos, Toys, and Teacups are slightly smaller. Because they are a mix of two dog breeds, these puppies can inherit colors and patterns that are common in their parent's breeds. Havapoo colors are: 

  • Black 
  • White 
  • Golden or silver 
  • Fawn 
  • Chocolate 
  • Gray 
  • Apricot, cream, and blue 


The small Havapoo pups are a wonderful combination of good looks, great intelligence, and perfect love. Thanks to their parents, these lovely dogs check all the boxes for all the desirable qualities dogs can possess. They are gentle, kind, loving, and intelligent most of all. Since these puppies take after their Poodle parent in intelligence, you can expect them to exceed all your expectations.

They are not only passionate about learning but also quite fond of pleasing. Simply put, these dogs will do whatever it takes to make you happy, be it by learning, performing a cute trick, or giving you all their affection.

The bond between kids and Havapoos is a wonderful friendship to witness. These dogs behave nicely, especially around their little human friends. They love playing games, sharing toys, and taking cuddly naps. Havapoos also behave well on their walks. They don’t have prey instincts and they are very fond of saying hi to passersby.  


Havapoo Grooming

The grooming requirements of a full-grown Havapoo dog are low to moderate. It is beneficial to brush your beautiful Havapoo’s hair at least once or twice every week to avoid painful knotting or matting. A bath is recommended every month or so along with nail clipping. Nails that grow too long may cause damage to your dog’s paws, cause discomfort, or even painful infection. It is beneficial to clip your dog’s nails after every bath. Soaked nails become softer and easier to clip. It is also beneficial to brush your dog’s teeth weekly if not more often to avoid any kind of dental issues.  

Havapoo Exercise Needs

Havapoos are a small dog breed that, despite their tiny appearance, require moderate daily exercise. To keep your Havapoo happy and fit, it is recommended to walk him/her once, twice, or three times a day, as their energy dictates. Generally, two walks per day should be sufficient to keep your little dog exercised. Active games indoors are also beneficial for your energetic Havapoo. You can throw them a ball to retrieve, indulge in a friendly chase around the room, or play a game of hide-and-seek together. Mentally stimulating dog games like puzzles and find-it are also a great way to keep your Havapoo exercised both mentally and physically.  

Havapoo Health

As a doodle breed, the Havapoo enjoys better health than its parents are known for. Although rare, there are some conditions that these dogs might develop rather than inherit. These include ear infections, allergies, and dental issues.  

Havapoo Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Havapoo dog is between 12 and 15 years. Although 15 years is the common life expectancy of the Havapoo, some Havapoo pups live past it without effort. To guarantee your little dog lives a long, beautiful life, make sure to provide high-quality kibble, the required amount of exercise, and keep up with frequent vet check-ups.  

Havapoo Training

Young Havapoo puppies might be overly enthusiastic and hyperactive at times, making them a bit demanding to keep up with, but their training capabilities are anything but demanding. Once you have identified what type of rewards your puppy loves, training will be one of the best activities you do together.

Havapoo puppies are smart. They enjoy learning as much as any activity, and they are particularly fond of being rewarded. Tasty puppy treats, their favorite toys, and praise work best in grabbing their attention. They are also quite fond of petting and belly rubs, so make sure you reward their good behavior with some of those too.  

To teach your little Havapoo puppy how to socialize, it’s best to start indoors with the introduction of various family members or friends in a safe, low-distraction environment. Moving on from that, you can begin adding in more distractions, people, and pets until your puppy becomes comfortable with everything new around it. Once indoor training has been achieved, you can move on to the outdoors and safely introduce your puppy to other dogs, new sounds, and experiences. Keep walks short at first in a non-crowded area where your puppy cannot be overwhelmed or frightened.  


The first Havapoo puppies, which were intentionally bred by crossing a purebred Havanese with a purebred Poodle, are said to have appeared at the beginning of 1990 in the United States. By crossing the Havanese with the Poodle, Havapoo breeders set out to create mixed doodle puppies that would display the amazing intelligence Poodles are known for, along with their agility and adorable looks, and the sweet, friendly Havanese nature.

Since their debut, the Havapoo puppies have spread out worldwide and joined the ranks of the top most popular dogs. Today, they are among the most sought-after hypoallergenic dogs. Although the Havapoo breed is yet to be recognized by the AKC, it is recognized by several designer dog kennel clubs around the world. The breed is also recognized known as Havadoodle, Poovanese, and Havanese Poodle mix.