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Too Many Testicles?

October 15, 2017, 7:25 AM
Q: I have a few questions about neutering. We have a 6 month old Cavapoo. He has been humpi g, for lack of a better word, throw pillows and my 9 year old son's leg. I'm assuming it is time to have him neutered? Also, he is still squatting to pee; will he always squat? Lastly, is it possible for a puppy to have four testicles? When he is on his back and we rub his belly, his testicles are right at the base of his penis, but there are also testicles in his scrotum. At first I thought they just hasn't dropped into his scrotum, but it looks and feels like there are testicles in both place at the same time.
A: He could be neutered anytime, probably best within the next 3 months. Humping behavior is not usually hormone driven at this age, it is often seen in puppies of either sex and it is usually moldable (you can teach him not to express it) If he is neutered before significant testosterone production he will continue to squat to urinate. The bulges you see at the base of the penis are not testicles but rather part of the penis.