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Tearing up Pads

September 2, 2016, 12:22 AM
Q: I am having an issue with my puppy ripping up the pee padding inside of the pup pee poo palace. I mean it's ripped to shreds. we have told him NO! or AH AH! while clapping our hands to make him stop. he looks startled but then he starts up again. I was thinking about giving him a pluck on his nose to be another force of reprimand for this act. it's getting out of control at this point. I have explained to my boyfriend that we must stop this behavior NOW and not think that he will grow out of it (he's already 9 weeks!) I even thought of getting a spray bottle and spraying him with it if we see him doing it (we have given him toys used immediate reinforcement when we plays with them instead) maybe even a can of coins to shake so he can be annoyed by the sound?? I read the last response to this question that I presented but I wasn't really following the response so I wanted to be more specific on what I was asking. thank you you soo much
A: You are on the right track except everything you are trying requires you be there. If he is doing well with potty training it may be time to give him a little more space as it is boredom that prompts his behavior.