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January 24, 2017, 11:36 PM
Q: I'm picking up our new 8 week old Teddy Bear puppy this weekend. My question is where should she sleep? I intend to use the Pup-Pee-Poo-Palace because I work 8a-4p every weekday. (The first week or so I intend to run home on my lunch hour to feed and potty the puppy since she's so young.) But I'm also planning to outdoor potty train as well. The crate will be downstairs in a bathroom just outside the kitchen and near the living room where the family spends most of our time. But our bedrooms are upstairs. Do I make the new puppy sleep alone in the crate at night downstairs away from her people? Or carry the crate upstairs into a bedroom at night so she's near us but then carry it back downstairs in the morning when I go to work? Do I leave the crate downstairs always but maybe bring the puppy into a bedroom at night into a pack n play? What do you suggest?
A: Leave the palace in one place which sounds like the bathroom. She is not used to sleeping with you and that is a bad habit to start.